Fireflies Gallery is a new platform to share work of emerging artists. 

It is a project that has been founded by some dear friends Angel Herraiz, Carlos Herraiz, Maria Herraiz and Gonzalo Col, specifically to share work digitally in an accessibile studio format that art should be experienced in. The ethos of the project is based on the fire that a Firefly needs to live and the passion the artist needs to explore and develop their process. This site is to nurture that fire and embrace the connection between collectors as well. 

My viewing room 'Armadillo' is open from October 15 - January 15. This collection of works have evolved throughout this year as a result of meeting new materials; monoprinting and oil painting and waking up to subjects that truly drive me; surpressed passion in nature and sexuality. As part of this exhibition I built a film that touches on my thought process - take a watch and a read, if you have a moment to pause.

Click on the above image to enter the Firefly Gallery. Viewing rooms are open to explore and learn about each artist's enthusiasm and story. Our works are for sale with detailed viewings of each piece, as well as an offered skype conversation if the collector desires.



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