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In a constantly evolving environment, Georgia recreates still moments found within it. Journeys; corners of buses, trains and car drives, with windows to look out of but not be in what is outside. Losing herself in repeated things that pass by, thoughts, memories and nostalgia simultaneously merge with where her body and eyes are.


Natural beauty blurs, while she situates herself in this claustrophobic high before getting off. Straight edges of city walls become curvy, bent around flooding light and consistent movement. Green hills are at the back of her mind, while rolling yellow handle bars are at the front. The machines that vehicles are, echo the integrated presence of people. With or like packets of paracetamol, people are quickly fixed, nature’s loss is glazed over in the sticky beer soaked pavement.


She interacts with this ‘glazing over’ in paint, playing with reflective qualities; glossy or chalky surfaces with different mediums. As the sun goes down, street lights cast shapes creating intimate spaces and colours become saturated as the contrast is turned up, using blues and pinks found bent around the edge of nature’s yellows and greens.  Strings and threads are cast between visual similarities, mapping parallel hues that pin down thoughts, leaving them in different locations and picking them up on the way home. Between this fullness and stretching across the city, her own presence exists in the work.




'Dragon Vets', Group Exhib, Fitzrovia Gallery, 139 Whitfield St, London.

'Still, Passing', Duo Exhib with Harry Clitheroe, Presented by Moth Flower Online.

'Traffic Light', Solo Exhib, Presented by Wondering People, 50 Golborne Rd, London.


'Amongst The Chaos', Group Exhib Presented by Wondering People, 155A Gallery, East Dulwich, London.


Delphian Gallery 'Open Call' 2020, Online Exhibition

'Curated for Christmas', By All Mouth Gallery and Bowes Parris Gallery, London.

'Armour (dillo)', Fireflies Gallery, Online Exhibition

'Ghosts That Live Amongst Us', Warbling Collective, East Dulwich 155A Gallery, London.

Kara Mirva Gallery - Online Gallery


'PADA x Turps Residency' Group Exhibition, Barreiro, Portugal.

'Cross Words', Solo Exhib, New Glasgow Society, Glasgow


Photography by Emily Seagrove

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